Welcome to my Neocities site!

This website is mostly dedicated to my art and oc projects but you can also see my science stuff by clicking the button below.

Website looks good on Chrome PC and Opera Mini mobile, not sure about the others.


1. Fanarts, edits, memes, fanfiction, headcanons and other type of fanworks of Siliconvase are allowed as long as it's not gore, suggestive, nsfw, or anything problematic.

2. You're free to repost my works, use my works as profile picture or banners, etc. just credit me.

3. No stealing, copying or heavily referencing my character designs and stories, slight inspiration is okay though. Tracing my art for art style study is okay, just don't post it online.

4. You can make your own science personifications though! I'm not the first person to personify science objects after all, well as long as it doesn't go against rule number 3.

5. Do not use my works for commercial/problematic use.

You can ask me for more info if there's something unclear! Note that late replies may be caused by time zones (my time zone is GMT+7).




I'll be busy during early 2024 (Jan-Apr) because of important real life/school stuff.

[22/01/2024] Due to personal reasons, Calcuflow isn't publicly available anymore for now, sorry for the incovenience. Might try to focus on Rabkandel a bit.

[17/01/2024] What's up I gave up on the ramble section's new look, back to the previous one again.

[10/01/2024] I'll fix the ramble section again later.

[05/01/2024] Comment box added.

[04/01/2024] Recent art section now holds max of 6 images instead of 2.

[03/01/2024] Added sitemap.

[02/01/2024] Added rules.

[01/01/2024] Happy new year!!! Hoping to make more progress to my oc projects and other things as well!

[31/12/2023] Last day of 2023 y'all, see you next year.

[29/12/2023] I made misc. page and I added my socials to the about page today.

[27/12/2023] I made a Discord server because I don't really use any social medias beside Discord, TH, and Neocities so if you wanna talk/interact with me go there. Mostly dedicated to my projects but there are channels for y'all to share your art and ocs too, and general talks as well.

[24/12/2023] You can scroll this now, plus the about page is renewed.

[09/12/2023] Hey hey hey the projects page is now here, testing the waters...

[19/09/2023] RIP character and art page you will forever be missed, sorry gamers my ocs are not for public now for some reason, may change my mind in the future. Also I'm on exam week heeeeelp.

[06/08/2023] Finished the "about" page, I'm gonna play games all day now.

[05/08/2023] Finally revamped my Neocities this took like 6 hours I'm crying, I'll probably work on the "about" page tomorrow.


Recent drawing(s) by me that I'm proud of at the moment.


Regular recent drawing(s), will try to update everytime I draw something new if I remember.